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Printed circuit boards in China

Hong Kong Cross Ocean Technology Ltd as reliable PCB manufacturer in China, produces all kinds of PCB from prototypes to mass production. With extensive experience in manufacturing and automatic and manual assembly of PCBs, our company is one of the leading PCBPCB Manufacturer in China | Flexible-rigid PCB | HDI PCB| PCBA in China | PCB outsourcing | Quality PCB from China | PCB Prototype manufacturers in China.

Types of printed circuit boards

  • Single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer PCB’s of any complexity level;
  • Flexible, rigid and flexible-rigid PCB;
  • PCB manufacturing with high density of connections;
  • PCB for microwave applications;
  • Metal-based PCB.
  • HDI Printed circuit boards
  • PCBA

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PCB production capabilities

  • 1- 40 layers;
  • Through, blind and blind transition holes;
  • Electrical control;
  • Impedance control;
  • Coating of contact pads: HASL, Lead_free HAL, immersion gold, silver and tin;
  • Different colors of masks and markings;
  • Galvanic gilding of the knife connector;
  • We accept data for PCB manufacture in GERBER format;

You can find more detailed information about the technological production of Hong Kong Cross Ocean Technology Ltd in the presentation file below.

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