PCB assembly

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Printed circuit boards assembly process

Modern technological equipment and a professional team of employees allows us to perform a full cycle of work on PCB assembly with high productivity and quality in our factory in China.

The manufacturing process PCB assembly is shown in the graph diagram.

Thus, the entire cycle of work on PCB assembly includes:

  • Automatic assembly of SMD components
  • Automatic and manual assembly of DIP components
  • Assembly control by optical control means
  • Assembly quality control on X-ray machine (if necessary)

When PCB assembly in process, the following operations are possible:

  • Internal testing and functional control
  • Mechanical assembly of items into the device housing
  • Climate tests

Before sending to the customer PCB are always packed in antistatic packages.

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Electronic components supply for the PCB installation and assembly

PCB manufacturing in China has long been in high demand. Hong Kong Cross Ocean Technology Ltd purchases components for industrial production by itself. The company cooperates with the largest global distributors, as well as with distributors inside and outside China, as well as directly with chip manufacturers.

The list of component manufacturers is constantly updated, which makes it possible to purchase components in the shortest time and at favorable prices and conditions for customers.

Thanks to many years of experience, the company’s employees promptly solve the issues of replacing outdated components with modern analogues.

After receiving the documentation for PCB assembly the employees of Hong Kong Cross Ocean Technology Ltd carefully process it, while:

  • Check the compliance of the specification for the printed circuit board with the PCB topology
  • Optimize the complete set price and delivery time
  • Carry out the selection of analogues and coordination of replacements and components together with the customer

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